Play Free Online Poker

When the online casino industry first appeared on the Internet, it was all play-for-pay. In order to play casino games, you needed to wager on the outcome of the game. This was perfectly plausible because the online casino sites were designed to mirror the land-based casinos that players were accustomed to frequenting.

For regular casino players, the online casino industry represented an opportunity to have a casino parlour right in your own home. This was fine, and a stable group of casino players frequented these sites in order to play their favourite casino games. However, there was no alternative for players who did not want to risk their hard earned money on a daily basis, or if they wanted to learn to play casino games online but had no previous exposure.

When the economic times changed and the recession hit hard, the online casino industry knew that times were changing. Free online casinos began to spring up and players flocked to these sites. Players could engage in free poker play and other free casino games without having to invest any money for the privilege of playing the games.

Free online poker sites also became a favourite of new players who could use the opportunity to play an unlimited number of casino games without making any financial investment or risking any money. In this way, they could engage in free poker play as long as they cared to play, and they were never susceptible to a fee for service or other type of financial penalty.

Free online poker appeals also to the regular poker player because of the economic danger of the times. Most poker players are rational and reasonable people who can control their poker playing opportunities. Free online poker allows regular players to play as many games of poker as they wish, and they will not be risking a portion of their discretionary income that could be better used for family purposes. So, engage in free poker play on free online sites to ensure that you will not be putting any of your loved ones at risk because you gambled away money that should be reserved for other purposes.