Playing Casino Poker After Online Poker

For online poker players, there’s a certain degree of anonymity that allows them to focus on the task at hand. However, when you take those same online players and put them into a live casino it can be a different story. Someone used to playing online can be easily confused and flustered by the noise, lights and crowds of casinos. Yet, some people prefer casino play, since they can see their opponents and enjoy a certain added thrill that the computer doesn’t offer.

Las Vegas Play Tips:

If you’re going to go from online play to playing in a Las Vegas casino, there are some things that you should be prepared for. One of those things is the fact that there will be a large crowd. A good tip is to avoid the bulk of the crowds by gambling at night your first time. There are a couple advantages to that. One is that the casino will be less crowded and the other is that the people gambling are likely to be tired or intoxicated, making it easier for you to beat them in skill games.

Mistakes Are Normal:

Mistakes are also much different playing cards in a casino than they are playing on the Internet. They’re normal. Everyone makes mistakes in life. However, most card players aren’t very tolerant of them in casinos. So, if you’re going to play in a live casino, you really need to pay attention. On the Internet, on the other hand, everything is governed by the computer, so mistakes are much less common and much harder to make.

Tipping Dealers:

Another thing to remember is that there are dealers in real casinos. There aren’t online. Not only do casino dealers exist, but they make a living from tips. So, you’re likely to spend a bit more than you might expect to play in a casino, when you include that. Also, dealers in live casinos don’t deal as fast as the computer does, nor do players act as fast as they would on the computer. So, don’t be surprised if games are slower than they are online.

Battling Boredom:

Emotions are also more difficult to deal with in a live casino setting than they are to deal with on the computer. When people can see you and you can see them, reading tells and learning how to bluff both become much more important. So, if you plan to play live, develop your poker face. Besides, learning to read tells and to bluff can help stave off boredom, since it’s impossible to play as many hands per hour as you’re probably used to playing online.

Bonuses And Other Features:

Finally, remember that each live poker room offers certain features and bonuses, just as online poker rooms do. For example, many of them comp for play length. Some also offer special poker room rates at certain times. So, be sure to check with the casinos before you plan your vacation getaway. That way, you can get the best possible deals.