Free Poker Tournaments Aka Poker Freerolls

Since the time of dawn mankind has favored whatever was free. This also counts in the world of poker. In the poker world there is no such thing as a poker site that doesn’t offer free stuff whether it be free poker money, great bonuses or free poker tournaments – or most likely all three things together. Free poker money is a quite seldom phenomenon in these times of financial and economic crisis worldwide. Instead Poker sites offer huge bonuses to their highstakers or to those new players who wants to try the software and test if online poker is their thing then the poker sites offer them free poker tournaments. The free poker tournaments are actually not normally known as that but as Poker Freerolls. This is important if you look for free poker tournaments as you won’t find any. The reason they are known as poker freerolls is actually a quite special story. In the 60′s in Las Vegas new customers who entered a casino where offered a roll with chips for gambling on the houae. They weren’t worth much but were seen as a complimentary from the casino. These soon became known as free rolls, and later on these freerolls got integrated in the language of online poker and came to mean simply Free Poker Tournaments.

Different Poker Freerolls

There are several different types of poker freerolls. There are poker freerolls for highstakers given by the poker sites to reward their big time players for choosing their site instead of another. Last week I played a SNG freeroll – meaning a freeroll with only 10 players on one table. First price was an EPT main event entrance ticket (second and third gave 2 and 3 k I think) – I busted on the bubble. There are Poker Freerolls for new players. These are in general in two versions. The first poker freerolls are for new players who haven’t made a deposit yet. These are in general quite big in terms of numbers of players and quite small in terms of prizes. The other kind of poker freerolls for new depositing players are typically smaller in numbers – but not always – what is certain is their prizes are way bigger sometimes up to $ 100.000 in the prize pool. There is also a last type of Poker Freerolls that might have a few players interest and that is the small SNG freerolls with very small prize pools. These are played on a few European sites and are played nonstop. Our advice is try the different freerolls out and check what you prefer – our experience is that when it comes down to what to play: It is all a matter of temper!